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Today, during our busy lives in general, business meetings, church committees, and family gatherings center around what and where we will eat.

Think about that for a moment! Rather that appreciating the concept of food (fuel for the body), we have allowed food to become the CONTROLLER of our lives and birthed self-descriptive terms like “foodie”.

What is a foodie?

By definition, a “foodie” is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. They seek new experiences in food as a HOBBY rather than out of convenience, necessity, or hunger.

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Notice in this definition, there is NOTHING about health or nutrition. With so many ways to describe a person who appreciates quality food and the preparation thereof, why the name “foodie”?

It almost sounds like a childhood toy name ending in “ie”, “Barbie.” In reality, the term foodie more than likely represents one of the following two definitions as well:

  1. A person who is controlled by the power of food or its addictive potential. Many “foodies” are drawn to poor quality food that is characterized by high glycemic load and/or high contents of poor fats (e.g. breads, pastas, Mexican, Chinese, or heavy cheeses).
  2. A person who has little regard for their own health or the health of their friends or family who may use the term “foodie” to justify a poor behavioral choice. Many “foodies” who exercise this definition elicit and grow communities and family lines of very poor health characterized by obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and joint issues.

Do “foodies” really have a special gift to select and appreciate quality?

In a blind trial, self-described “foodies” were given tastes of food without knowledge of their origin. During this blind trial at a food expo, the participants actually mistook McDonalds foods for gourmet presentations (Source: 2014 – Dutch pranksters trick foodies…).

Though I can certainly appreciate preparation of a quality, nutrient dense, meal, I am more aware of the effects of the food on my body.

We are born to eat to live, not live to eat.

What have we done in regard to food? We have actually allowed a new addiction to develop in our world, an addiction to food itself.

We have allowed a new addiction to develop in our world, an addiction to food itself. Tweet Quote

“Foodie” is nothing more than a name for childlike (and potentially destructive) behavior in which we are proud. “I am a foodie”, many emphatically state. Really? Give me a break!

Personally, I have never heard that statement from a person who exhibits a passion for the best nutritional sources of food. Please contact me if you are that person because I would love to have you write a blog and share your passion.

Many “foodies” today are imprisoned in addictive behavior much like a “druggie”.

“Foodie” prison is a place filled with wrong motivations, rebellious behavior, childlike tantrums, depression, and poor health. It brings me great sadness to have spoken to and intervened in so many people who are behind these prison walls.

The keys to escape are NOT found in will-power but are found in submission to intervention. Intervention from “foodieism” can be painful and time intensive.

You DO NOT have to be controlled by food.

If, as you read this, you conduct an honest personal assessment, and find an addiction to food, there is help. Please understand, there is a way out.

5 Ways to Overcome Food Addiction

  1. Admit you have a problem.
  2. Submit to counseling. Uncover why you want to control food and allow it to control you. This normally stems from childhood issues or remnants of frequent and early loss.
  3. Submit to nutritional counseling. Let an expert help you understand the destructive results of poor food. Allow the teachers to teach, and you become the student.
  4. Find several accountability persons who love and care for you. Allow them access to your life. Be authentic and honest with them.
  5. Realize you will always be a recovering addict. Never let your guard down or test the waters (ex. go to a Chinese buffet to challenge your will).

Do not allow yourself to be labeled as a “foodie” when it is totally unnecessary. You were created to need food to survive and make all organs in your body operate efficiently.

You were NOT created to be driven around on the bus of “foodieism” with the driver of that bus being bent on driving you, the passenger, off a cliff to a sudden and violent death.