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How many times in life have we heard the statement, “You can’t do that”?

As for me, I have heard it plenty and many times it has been directed at me. Words are powerful, and words leave lasting scars. On the flip side, words can also leave lasting stars.

There may indeed be things you can’t do, which can be for a variety of reasons. However, I want you to hear something else: “It is not what you can’t do that matters; it is what you can do that matters.”

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

You must live with a can do attitude to truly live life without impossibility.

A can’t do attitude is the foundation of all failure. Let’s face it…limitations are real, but it doesn’t mean the limitations create impossibility. Here are some keys to eliminating your own limits and living with possibility:

  1. You must get control of you. You cannot lead someone to a place you have never been. Live it first. Embrace the experience, and practice what you preach. Understand you are not perfect but do not live an intentional hypocritical life.
  2. Your change starts with what you put in your mind. Fill your mind and thoughts with can do positivity. Evaluate: Is your life and your family a place where positivity reigns? If not, why?
  3. Inner change brings outer results. Real and genuine results gain attention and garner great influence. True and lasting change does not begin on the outside. It does not come from a doctor, preacher, pill, or diet. It is the heart change that brings results.
  4. Outer results fuel greater influence. You want to really impact the world? Show people authentic results. Folks want to see genuineness. What have you been through, and what roads have you traveled?

Incorporate these four keys in your life. Then, you may write your story without impossibility.

Have you thought about the title of your life story? What are the chapters, subplots, subtleties? Is it a mystery or inspiration?

YOU hold the pen. YOU make it what you want. You can do it!