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Historically, heroes are memorialized because of incredible actions, lives, or legacy.

Heroes give their lives for a cause, have immeasurable passion, and indescribable courage. They stand out from the crowd, they speak up when no one else will, and they step up to heights few have ever experienced.

By those descriptors, a hero is a rare breed indeed.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Today, like no other time in history, we are all in need of heroes.

In an age of political correctness and fear of creating offense, few rise to the aforementioned levels. Is it because of fear, lack of passion, frustration? I am certain all of these, and more, become validated excuses.

My friends, it is time to eliminate the excuse and stand up. We must not be fearful or allow passions to be extinguished.

Principles, morals, and ethics represent worthwhile heroic cause. Who will stand in the gap for the future, our children, and the legacy in which they represent? I hope and pray it is you.

As for me, my faith is important. I do not back down.

At the same time, I will not cram it down someone else’s throat. That action in itself can cause the taste to become bitter with irreversible damage.

With that said, here are 3 key principles to rekindling the hero inside of you:

#1 Let faith be your guide.

This is done with actions, not words. Words are clanging gongs without corresponding actions.

The best ‘sermons’ of faith I have ever heard are the ones I have seen. Don’t tell me what you are doing; show me what you are going to tell me.

Your faith will begin to speak in your actions and become a guide to you and others.

#2 Speak up in love.

If you do not agree with something, speak up about it in love rather than condemnation. Condemnation will get you nowhere. Choose your words wisely and do not allow emotion to prompt regretted verbiage.

Do not be afraid of creating offense.

If love is your guide and offense occurs, love will know how to appropriately handle the other person/group. Remember, offense is often sign of internal conflict expressed outward, and it has little to do with you.

#3 Maintain moral and ethical behavior.

Morals are formed to keep us from harm. When we compromise morals and ethics, societal decay is certain.

We are currently observing many signs of societal decay in this area. Our country was founded on God, faith, morals, and ethics. No matter what you or I think, we should not be deceived to believe otherwise.

Crafty political savvy has steered us wrong. We, in the USA, are all blessed by this premise and order. Our founding fathers heroically stood up for the principles.

Sacrifice was made, blood was shed, and God’s blessing is clear. These principles are important and deserve protection.

The term hero is not just for the few.

It is for you and I. Friend, rekindle the courage, fight the good fight, speak in love, have a backbone, and do not back down on your principles.

Let’s all stand in the gap for our future. You will be honored, and the hero inside of you will appear and rise up.