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When I consider the description and characteristics of God’s heart, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion in trying to best describe it. There seems to be no one word or series of words that are adequate.

In looking through the Bible, I am struck by God’s own words in Acts 13:22 as He describes David as “….a man after my own heart.” He continues the verse by stating “he will do everything I want him to do.” Now let’s just look at this David and his personhood.

We know David committed many sins and made numerous mistakes including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and adultery. That hardly sounds like the heart of God.

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However, upon further inspection of David, we find an overriding theme in his life. The theme includes unyielding faith, abounding thankfulness, unashamed praise, and honest repentance. I believe herein lies the real description regarding God’s heart.

When you get down to it, God’s heart is about giving hope, producing life, generating love, and providing immeasurable spiritual food for growth.

First, let’s look at hope.

Hope gives us something in which to look forward. Without something in which to look forward, we have little reason. Hope provides the reason and motivation to press onward. God always gives us hope because in Him we find all the reason we need.

Second, we examine life.

What is life anyway? It is more, much more, than physical life. However, God does want us to have a joyous and fruitful physical life. He provides that in this amazing temple (our body) which He created specifically for His Holy Spirit to reside and exemplify His work.

Third, we see this idea of love.

Wow! What a word and what a concept! God gives love and is love. He made it and he establishes it. God’s love has no end. It keeps giving because He is love! Even when we don’t love, he showers us with his.

As Romans 5:8 establishes, “…while we were yet sinners, Christ (God’s son) died for us.” Now that is pretty amazing love.

Fourth, let’s dive into spiritual food.

With the proper food, we will properly grow. It boils down to having everything we need to be all we can be. God’s heart is full of plenty of spiritual food because it contains His Word.

His Word (the Bible) provides all the spiritual nutrition which we will ever need. With that said, we can never be lacking unless we choose to not use what is readily available.

Now back to David…

David, though far from perfect, always hung on to hope.

Even in his darkest hours, he clung to the idea that God was always someone in whom to look forward. David realized that, despite his failure, true life was found in God.

He remained thankful for all God had done for him from all blessing to all protection…even through all discipline.

He was unwavering in his faith in that he continually exhibited a repentant heart. With a true repentant heart, God provided all David needed to grow daily into all God wanted him to become. God provided the spiritual food and David consumed it.

How can our heart become more like God’s heart?

  1. Daily realize God is hope. Hope cannot be put on a person, career, or money. It needs to be placed squarely upon God.
  2. Understand that the life you lead is not your own. God made you. You are not an accident or result of a big bang in the stratosphere. He made the very concept of life. Therefore, in Him is life.
  3. Allow God to love you. If you allow it, it will happen. He loves you no matter, but if you trust in His love, he will shower you with it and it will be undeniable.
  4. Trust in God’s spiritual food to grow. Good books are great, but nothing is greater than the living Word of God. Read His Word through the Bible. Listen for His Word through people, circumstances, and the Holy Spirit. By ingesting His Word, you will grow.
  5. Remain repentant. Repentance means to turn away or change course. It does not mean to continually do the same things over and over knowing God will forgive you. He will indeed forgive, but he wants us to change course so he can make us more like Him.
  6. Be always thankful. Find things daily for which to thank God. Thank Him for your health, home, family, spouse, friends, clothes, etc. There really is no end to what you can attribute thanks to him.
  7. Be honest with God. Don’t hold back. Just like David, share your inmost thoughts with Him. He can be trusted and only wants your best.

In pursuing a heart of God, we must pursue God Himself. By pursuing Him, we will really know Him. The better we know Him, the more we can become like Him.

Let these 7 steps become daily habits to guide your heart transformation quest. You will in turn be amazed at the places your journey takes you.