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Greatness…it’s really what we all desire. Greatness is defined as: the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent. That does indeed sound like a worthy goal. With a basic working knowledge of greatness, one can now dive in to and embrace 3 keys to being great.

Key 1: Be fully committed.

You cannot be “wishy-washy” and become great. Commitment is important because it carries you past failure and into opportunity. When you fail at something, the tendency is to give up and try something else. That is the very epitome of “wishy-washy.”

If you are committed to something, you WILL NOT QUIT. Greatness does not soak in failure. Greatness seizes failure by the tail and turns it to opportunity to begin again. You can and should take lessons from failure, but rather than focus on the failure, focus on the lessons. Remain committed at all cost and you will see great dividends.

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Key 2: Remain consistent.

Being consistent is about being predictable. People need to know what to expect when it comes to you. To lack consistency is to lack predictability. If other people have no idea what to expect from you, you may be known as “flighty.”

Further, if you are unpredictable to others, you are quite likely unpredictable to yourself. Being consistent is simplified by setting (and sticking to) a schedule.There is really very little chance of being consistent without setting a schedule. In the world in which we live, distractions are commonplace. Avoid distraction, set your schedule, be predictable and live consistently.

Key 3: Cultivate the right relationships.

With whom you frequent your time is critical. I cannot underestimate the importance of correct companionship. There are basically two types of persons in the world: eagles and vultures.

Eagles soar above the storms. They fly higher and observe things from a larger, more panoramic view. Eagles do not make their home at the bottom. They make their home on top. They do not use others as stepping stools, and they do not let others hold them back.

Vultures, on the other hand, hide in the crags of rocks. They stay in the storms until the storms pass, all the while waiting on the next storm. The eat from the bottom and are very comfortable with ingesting seconds or others spoils.

Be a companion of eagles rather than vultures. Invest your time with those who pull you higher instead of those who pull you down. By doing this habitually, you will find yourself soaring without assistance.

Allow these three keys to infiltrate not only your head, but your heart. These keys are critical and cannot be ignored or glossed over. 2 out of 3 is NOT good enough if you want to be great. Post these keys in a conspicuous place and daily make them your purpose. Greatness will soon follow. My friend, you were created for greatness and nothing less.