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God has instructed us to take care of the temple. However, the temple He speaks of is not a building; it is your body.

Your body was created uniquely in every way.

The Bible clearly states in Psalm 139:13 that each of us were “knit” together in our mother’s womb. That’s right…YOU were knit together by the hand of God. He designed every part of you with the intent and desire to create the ultimate masterpiece of YOU.

With that said, how much responsibility should we embrace as our own in relation to the care of the temple?

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

The answer may be a bit complex. First we must establish God’s purpose in giving design plans. He is very specific.

Two clear examples are as follows:

  1. In Genesis 6, Noah was given SPECIFIC plans on how to build the ark. He was told how, what, and when. God gave dimension and instruction. Noah was further told what to let inside and what to keep outside.
  2. In Exodus 25-31, Moses was given SPECIFIC plans on how to construct the sanctuary. He was told how, what, and when. God gave rules, regulations, and dimension. Moses was further told what to let inside and what to keep outside.

Do you see a pattern here?

God cares what is inside and outside of each of His construction projects. You and I are created with the same specificity, and God still cares what comes inside and what is to be kept outside.

Individually, we have great responsibility in regard to what we put in our minds and mouths as well as what we keep out. We must own this and realize the gravity.

Many have laughed as we talked of eating contests where gorging and gluttony is celebrated. We have even made it a custom during holidays. Unfortunately, this is not God’s design and plan. We have fallen to the powers of deception.

It is not a laughing matter as our waistlines have expanded and our health has declined. Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, hypertension, and obesity are running rampant in society today.

Much of this is man-made. Yes, you heard me right.

We have created much sickness and disease by what we have put in our mouths.

We must learn to severely limit or avoid inflammatory foods that create disease: sugars, refined grains, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, etc. We should rather consume lean and clean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

This simple methodology will improve your health immensely when it is coupled with appropriate daily total calorie loads.

This is our responsibility and choice. Choose to care for your temple in a proper manner. Keeping it clean, shiny, and free of poisons will pay huge dividends over time.

After all, doesn’t God at least deserve our best care for his best creation, YOU?