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To get and stay well ONLY happens when your desire outweighs your excuses on why you can’t.

Many suffer from “chronic excuse syndrome”. What is it? A constant verbalization of why we cannot get and stay well. Someone once said, “if you say you can or say you can’t – you’re right.”

Getting well and staying well requires change. Without change, our excuses reign. We all need to eliminate the reign of excuse (don’t let it come out of your mouth) with an overwhelming flood of desire.

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It can happen to anyone.

Face it, any of us can become chronic at making excuses – while we can’t perform better, while we are so angry, why we can’t forgive other people, why we can’t stop eating inflammatory foods, etc. You get the idea.

Here’s how it works: the excuse comes out of our mouth, the words go into the atmosphere and begin to create reality, the words penetrate our ears, and finally the words sink into our heart. When the words sink into our heart, it is like planting a seed in fertile garden. The seed grows and becomes a plant. The plant grows and reproduces a garden. This garden of excuses becomes all we see, all we know, and who we are.

Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to work?

Routinely, people come into the clinic saying they wish to get well. They begin to list all the things that they believe are wrong, or broken, with them. They say they have tried everything from traditional medicine, functional medicine, chiropractors, psychologist, to pastors.

They claim no one has been able to solve the mystery of their chronic pain, digestive problems, brain fog, low libido, and fatigue, just to name a few. When we ask them if they really, and truly, desire to get well, they literally look at us with disbelief. “How could you ask that question?”

Most times, however, there is an awkward silence followed by something that sounds like: “Of course I do. That is why I am here.” With that, we begin our work – our work that results in true healing.

What does it really mean to be ‘well’?

Healing cannot fully be defined as “the absence of illness.” It is much deeper. To truly walk healed, one must be free of dis–ease. Not being in a state of dis-ease is is a much better definition regarding healing.

Healing is being at peace, contentment, and in the state of satisfaction and joy. Being healed is getting and staying well in all parts of our being – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The Protocol that Works: Getting Well and Staying Well

1. Eliminate excuses.

You have heard us say before, “excuses are like the backside of pigs, the closer you get, the more it stinks.” We realize that negative thoughts may be spoken into your life, over your life, or even formed in your thoughts. However, never, and we mean never, repeat the negative thoughts over your own life.

Never let excuses come out of your mouth. With all diligence, guard your speech and words. Your words must be seasoned with positivity, desire, vision, and healing. Excuses create barriers. These barriers can stop us from making true changes, that may be necessary, to open the door to our healing.

2. Avoid inflammatory foods.

Inflammatory foods are the source of much pain in our society. Most persons do not want to believe that foods, or in this case what we think are foods, are actually causing inflammation.

As you recall from many of our talks, inflammation is the precursor for all sickness and disease conditions. It may be difficult, in your own thinking, to avoid eating these inflammatory culprits. However, it is foolish to believe one can continue to eat inflammatory foods and not become inflamed.

An analogy would be to believe that one can continue to touch a hot stove without being burned. I know it may sound corny and trite, however, it is the truth.

These inflammatory foods to avoid include: sugars and artificial sweeteners, processed foods, fried foods, MSG, excess caffeine, and excess alcohol. There are other highly objectionable foods, that likely produce inflammation when eaten in substantial quantities. Those include: breads, grains, corn, soy, and yeast.

That said – if we think we can get well and stay well by continuing to eat inflammatory foods in our daily food intake, we are absolutely fooling ourselves and literally becoming foolish. In our mind, that is rebellion at the core.

3. Believe you can change.

Be confident, courageous, bold, and tenacious. There is nothing, and we mean nothing, that you cannot change. The ability to change rests in the level of desire. Basically if you want something bad enough, you can do it.

Are we trying to motivate you? YES! Too many people walk around on this planet with a lack of confidence. Again, perhaps the lack of confidence is generated because of our mouth. That same mouth, which speaks about the excuses as noted above, can also speak negativity as well as those words that always should be avoided, “I can’t.”

It helps to create an environment of change by being around people or situations that encourage change in the first place. We have always said that one will become like the five persons with whom they hang out with most.

4. Make an action plan and stay with it.

Without a plan to succeed, one is making plans to fail. Write down your goals, both short-term and long-term. Make the action steps of your plan definitive and specific. Many times goals can come in the form of weight loss, muscle gain, or nutritional change.

Once the plan is written, find someone, or more than one person, to hold you accountable. Accountability is absolutely critical to success. Make sure your accountability partners do not cut you slack. True love speaks truth. The wounds from a friend, who speaks the truth, can be the very wounds needed to provide your healing breakthrough.

These four simple steps lead to true change.

This change may occur on the outset through improved physical symptoms, such as relief of pain, better sleep, better energy, improved mood, relief of digestive discomfort, and improved mental clarity. Over time, the change that occurs, even with the onset of physical manifested changes, is really in the heart.

You see, the heart is the seat of true healing. When the heart is healed, whole, and at peace, healing is present. When healing is present, desire is cultivated, and hope is generated. Are you understanding the process?

Some say it is not that simple, but we say, “YES it is.” Yes simply just have to want it bad enough that your desire outweighs your willingness to stay in pain.

30-Day Challenge

So what do you really have to lose with trying this protocol for 30 days? Think about it. 30 days could be the catalyst to the best days of your life.