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Our lives are shaped by consequences. It begins early on in life when we first hear the word “NO.”

Normally “NO” is a preemptive word to prevent us from something we don’t need to do or say. If we disobey the “NO”, we oftentimes find ourselves dealing with consequences.

As an extreme example, we may remember our parents telling us a stove or plate was hot and to NOT touch it. No meant no! If we did decide to touch it, we will get burned. We may also remember the old saying, “If play with fire, you will get burned.”

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Consequences in life are real and provide basis for instruction and learning. Lessons learned over time provide the basis of knowledge. The correct use of knowledge is wisdom.

But, what if we don’t follow the guidance and rules of those who know best?

Certainly, we will not like the consequences.

An additional point about consequences is made in the area of parenting. Parents need to match the consequence (punishment or correction) of an action in close proximity of time to the offense (misstep or disobedience) in order to make the needed correction and lesson for the child.

If the consequence is not in close proximity of the offense, the child may not link the two together and may never learn the lesson.

The consequences of food can be far reaching.

We consume “good” food, we receive “good health” consequences and vice versa.

We typically relate the “good” side of this equation by feeling better, having more energy, sleeping better, less inflammation, and overall improved health. However, the “bad” side of the equation is much more complex.

It can take years for this to fully manifest. By eating a diet plentiful in sugars, processed foods, heavy starches, and an over abundance of high saturated fat proteins, we find ourselves playing with fire. We will get burned by this.

Over time, our health will decline, our inflammation will increase, toxicity will reign, fatigue will increase, weight gain and general malaise will occur, and we will oftentimes feel rotten.

When the aforementioned conditions develop, we find ourselves running to the doctor to solve the problem. However, the reality is this:

The doctor cannot take away our consequence.

We made the choice to eat those foods without “consequences” being a thought. We find type 2 diabetes in our lives along with heart conditions. Many times, we blame this on “family history” without ever addressing the root cause.

It may be painful to hear, but the root cause began with the regular over-ingestion of sugar, grains, and processed foods.

We must begin to own our mistakes.

WE must take ownership of the consequences. Food does have consequences – both good and bad. Let’s make better choices – eat an abundance of fruits, vegetables, lean/clean protein, and healthy fats.

STOP IGNORING food’s powerful consequences. Remember, it may take a while, but the consequences will materialize. Let’s makes sure they are consequences of better health.