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Nobody likes to fail. After all, fail is indeed a 4-letter word.

In school, we often refer to failure as an “F”. In life, we may identify failure with any of the following: divorce, bankruptcy, losing, absence of health, or any other thing less than perfect.

Even the very thoughts of failure can send you into a tailspin of emotional disarray which in turn equates to self-sabatage.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

As Dr. Michele and I think of our own life experiences, we reflect on loss, hurts, betrayal, and pain which are all based somewhere in the pits of failure. Failure runs deep and does not stop inflicting pain.

How then does one avoid failure?

There are several keys, that if put into practice, will ensure continual victory.

  1. Realize no person is perfect. That includes us. All you can expect is perfect effort. Realistic expectation is the foundation. Perfect effort prevents perfect failure.
  2. Embrace your value. Grasp the truth of your worth. You are unique, special, and significant in every way. You have a purpose that is unequalled. There is ONLY one you. You, in a sense, ARE on purpose. Embracing value blocks failure’s effects.
  3. Each disappointment is an opportunity to learn, grow, and become stronger. If you do not have all the success you had expected in whatever you do, you did not fail. You are born to try again. Rename your disappointments to “stepping stones.” With each step, you get a little closer to the mountaintop. Resurrecting disappointments into stepping stones lessens the pain of failure.
  4. Determine to get back up. In life, you will suffer falls. Falls do not constitute failure. The key is getting back up. No matter how you feel; get back up. Never mind what someone says; get back up. If you keep getting up, you will never fail.
  5. Surround yourself with “failure proof people.” Some people will suck the life out of you. Evaluate the 5 persons with whom you spend the most time. Do they lift you up or pull you down? Do they drive you to success or plunge you into depression? Your top “5” will show you how your life is being driven. Surrounding yourself with 5 winners will ensure you never fail.

These 5 keys are certain to fail-proof your life. They will clothe you with strength, resiliency, and character.

When you wear these clothes, you are dressed for success in the purest sense of the phrase. These keys have the power to unlock your prison doors whose bars are forged in loss, hurts, betrayal, pain which all breed an emotional climate of FAILURE.

Isn’t it time to walk free and live life in the success in which you are destined?

Dr. Michele and I challenge YOU to embrace the “fabulous 5!” Then share them with 5 others. In turn, we will all make our world a better place.