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We all have the beautiful freedom of choice. However, each choice has an attached consequence, whether good or bad. It has become very clear to me that if the consequence does not quickly manifest, the power of the choice tends to diminish. Let me give you this example:

I have three wonderful children whom I love dearly. Because of my love, I want each to excel and be happy throughout their entire life. When they make good choices, I do my best to reaffirm them, giving a good consequence in response to a good choice. As we all know, these affirmations must be done in close time proximity to the original choice to maximize their effectiveness.

One the flip side, if one of my children makes a bad choice (as we ALL do), I will explain the consequence (if not already experienced by them) of the bad decision. This is also called ‘discipline’, and although we don’t like the word too much, we all understand its necessity. Just like before, these disciplinary actions must take place quickly to maintain efficiency.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Now, let’s transfer this logic to wellness.

Imagine a steamy donut or piece pie. Think of a large enchilada with loads of rich creamy cheese! How about a large bucket of chips with queso and salsa in which to “load up”? Do you see a consequence on the horizon if you indulge?

Anything in moderation is OK of course. However, if the consequence of our overindulgence in these types of unhealthy foods does not appear quickly, we often continue the behavior. But, guess what? The consequences are only likely show up in a minimal way.

We may experience indigestion or a slight stomach ache followed by a sugar-crashing nap. The real consequences appear 5, 10, or even 20 years later through a buildup of plague which results in a stroke, obesity with its own list of attached ailments, or outright death.

What do I see when I think of those food items described, you ask? I see a grenade set to explode in your stomach, a vial of cyanide in a time-release capsule, and slow-working acid set on eating every organ in your body without your knowledge.

I know that sounds severe, but if it gets your attention regarding the GUARANTEE of consequential results whether now or later, then my mission is successful. Friend, take a long thoughtful look at your choices along with consequences!