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Today’s world can be characterized by the following: unpredictable, worrisome, chaotic, and stressful. Do these sound like characteristics of your own life at present? If so, continue reading and learn how to find balance amidst the unbalance of today.

To find balance, we must first understand a workable definition of the concept. Balance can be defined as an even distribution, upright, steady, and of equal elements. As we examine the definition, we do not see an absence of problems/issues (defined as listed in the characteristics above). We do see, however, a better management of life.

With that establishment, here are some concepts that are sure to assist in navigating the waters of life:

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  1. Begin the day journaling in your gratitude journal. This can be as simple as a few words or sentences written in a small spiral notebook. It does not have to be much, but needs to be direct. Here are a few examples: “I am thankful for my wife/husband; I am grateful I can walk; Thank you for a home and food.” These are simple examples that do not take long. In reality, you will spend only 1-2 minutes, but the dividends will pay off for several hours.
  2. Verbalize a simple declaration of self-encouragement. This means SAYING OUT LOUD something that encourages you and lifts you own spirits. Here are two examples that you can use (try writing one or several for yourself): “I have a purpose for my life and I am a blessing to many today; I was created for excellence and am living it out today.” Do this daily and say it as much as you need to until you believe it.This may sound silly, but believe me, it works. You can literally pull yourself out of a pit by saying this out of your own mouth where you can hear it (do not just read it – say it).
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. After taking care of you mind, heart, and emotions, it is time to care for your body. Consume at least 30 grams of high quality protein to help regulate blood sugar. It is very important to start the ‘food intake’ portion of your day on a positive note. This can be accomplished by eating free range eggs, grass fed meats, or organic yogurt. Additionally, a high quality protein shake will suffice. Keep carbohydrates at a minimum by possibly adding one piece of fruit or one slice of sprouted grain bread.
  4. Take at least a 15 minute walk. You can do this anytime throughout the day. Just schedule it, and do not miss your ‘activity appointment.’ I know this doesn’t sound like much, but if you are not doing anything, it is a very good start. If you are already consistent with your activity, you are good to go here.
  5. Read a positive devotional or book before bed. You may choose to read a couple of chapters from the Bible or an inspirational book. This will fill the mind with positivity before entering sleep.

If employed, these 5 concepts will bring profitable change to your life in regard to finding balance. Of course, there is more to do, but this is a great start to reclaiming your life. Stress, life struggles, and uncertainty are all a part of life. They do not have to overcome you or your life. Take charge of your life and begin to experience what balance is all about.