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After a confrontation with diabetes, which I had avoided for 5 years, Dr. Michele encouraged me by saying, “We will save your life and you will be a beacon of health in your area.” It was at this time that I knew I was in the right place.

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By doing all that Drs. Michele and Mark have helped me with, I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m off blood pressure medicine. My menopausal symptoms are almost gone completely now. I feel so much better and way healthier.

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Latest Content

Ep 20: Biological Age Testing ft. Ryan Smith

Ep 20: Biological Age Testing ft. Ryan Smith

Everyone knows their chronological age. But your biological age is more accurate at predicting health span (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live). Question is, how do we figure out our biological age? Ryan Smith joins Dr. Mark Sherwood in this...

Ep 19: Just Good News – Sep 23, 2020

Ep 19: Just Good News – Sep 23, 2020

With all the negativity going on around us, it helps to hear good news. In this episode, Dr. Mark highlights positive things that are happening around us lately.

Ep 18: Faith, Family, and Football ft. Justice Hill

Ep 18: Faith, Family, and Football ft. Justice Hill

Justice Hill, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, joins Dr. Mark Sherwood in this episode to talk about what it's like to stay healthy in the NFL. About Our Guest: Justice Hill Justice Hill is an American football running back for the Baltimore Ravens of the...

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood

Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood

Founding Physician

Michele was given up for adoption at birth. Her family was poor, she struggled through school with dyslexia, but never let it any of this stop her.

On her way to the Olympics, Michele suffered a knee injury that ended her career. Although devastating, she diverted her energy to new things.

She went back to school, graduated at the top of her medical class and became a doctor of osteopathy. She opened a private practice, Functional Medical Institute, which continues to grow and thrive today.

Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood

Naturopathic Doctor

Mark was given up for adoption at birth. As a kid, he was often made fun of for being chubby and shy. Instead of letting these things define his life, he used them as fuel to achieve great things.

Mark became a bodybuilding champion and played professional baseball. He logged 24 years in the Tulsa police department, including over a decade on the SWAT Team, and then retired as a sergeant.

Mark is now an author and motivational speaker, carrying his message of wellness around the globe.