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Where I used to be…

I began my journey to wellness, weighing 268 pounds, having a 47 inch waste, blood pressure in the hypertensive range, and with glucose levels in the pre-diabetes range. I suffered from acid reflux and required several antacids every day, just to manage the indigestion.

Back aches, knee pain, ankle pain, to name a few, were routine ailments. Walking up or down stairs was challenging, and climbing even a couple of flights would leave me out of breath.

Frequent digestive issues, sour or upset stomach, were just my normal day… I was a reward eater, often “rewarding” myself with pizza and ice cream after a tough day; which in my career is nearly every day! Oh, and I drank probably a quart of Dr. Pepper every day.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Where I am now…

Today I weigh in at 175 pounds, with a 35 inch waste, blood pressure in the ideal range, and glucose levels also in the ideal range. Acid reflux disappeared months ago, digestive and stomach issues are definitely NOT a part of my normal day any more.

My back, knees, and ankles are much happier now, and I can run up a couple flights of stairs and keep right on talking without pause. Food is now something I must have, I eat to live rather than live to eat. I still reward myself, but now it’s with a salad or an apple!

What changed…

After detoxing, losing 15 pounds on the first week of the program, I began to realize that I was eating foods that were inflammatory to my body. The DNA test showed that my coeliac predisposition was raised, which confirmed what I had suspected. Eating gluten foods seemed to irritate my digestive system, significantly.

Now I am much more cognizant of the types and amounts of food I am eating. My normal diet now is 8-12 ounces of lean protein each day, 4 vegetables (usually green), and 3 fruits. Now I drink water or tea, sweetened without sugar.

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