Night of Empowerment

featuring Olympic Gold Medalist

Mike Rovner shares how taking steps towards wellness has not only affected his life but his $80 million dollar business.

Mike Rovner is the Founder and president of Mike Rovner Construction, an $80 million/year general contractor. As a result of his resolute leadership, Mike Rovner Construction has become one of the most distinguished general contractors in the California construction industry.

Mike Rovner’s Story

So, my life, before I connected with Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele was, I was somewhat lethargic.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

I had a lot of, you know, trouble sometimes, even getting through the day, I’d have to go home during the middle of the day at 2:00 and take a quick power-nap.

You know, I definitely was obese. You really don’t know that until after you lose weight is how uncomfortable you really were with, even in your clothes.

I didn’t recognize I was always bloated because I was always that way, until I started to lose weight and eat correctly and take the supplement. Then, once I got where I wasn’t bloated, you knew the feeling of bloated.

You know, today, I’m able to get up with more energy at 4:30 to five and spend an hour in the morning in meditation and prayer and time with God. Then, after that, I have enough energy, then after that, I’m totally energized after that. I go and I spend at least an hour working out, and then after that, I come and I spend time with my wife, and then I go to work.

I feel better and look better.

You know, my wife had to start saying this to me, “Stop looking at yourself in the mirror.” I’m like, “I can’t, I’m just so happy,” and I think that’s okay. It’s really okay.

I can see, even in my meetings, in my meetings with clients, you know, I mean, people look at you differently. I mean, it’s sad to say, but someone that’s healthy, your clients look at you and have, you know, a different respect for you.

I mean, one other thing that I wanna add into this, you know, in our company now, we have six or seven people that have lost more than 50 pounds, so when you move forward in this kinda thing as a leader and other people follow you, you’re changing other people’s lives, too, and that is super, super cool.