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Instead of spinning around symptoms and problems, we need to identify the root cause, which is often our own habits.

So, here are steps to solve some of the most health destroying habits.

Step 1 – As yourself, “why”.

In order to uncover these problems, you must first ask “why?”

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  • Why do I crave carbs?
  • Why am I unable to stay disciplined with nutrition?
  • Why don’t I ever have time to exercise?
  • Why do I binge eat?

Continue with making your “why?” list. We have to identify our tail spin problems in order to find solutions!

Step 2 – Be honest with yourself.

Asking “why” will require you to dig deep into your habit patterns and do some self-reflection.

Do you crave carbohydrates because you don’t get enough sleep? Knowing that there is a connection between sleep deprivation and the hormones related to cravings and carbohydrate intake can help. As you become aware of the connection you can pause before you over indulge. Identify why you are not getting enough sleep and or quality sleep.

Why is it hard to maintain discipline? Do you need to have a written action plan or an accountability partner?

Are you making up excuses as to why you can’t get some routine exercise? Claiming you don’t have time to exercise. Or, the excuse of only having time to work out in the mornings and you’re too tired to wake up early?

Do you binge eat because you always find yourself waiting to the end of the day to eat? Do feel like your diet is ruined if you indulge, and then go off the rails for weeks? Identification is powerful for creating action steps towards resolution.

Step 3 – Create specific action steps.

This part might require you to do a little bit of reading or seek help from someone more experienced. Here are some hypothetical solutions to the examples above.

Use a program that may help you monitor your sleep cycles. Eliminate excess stimulus (computers, TV, video games, and rock and roll music) after 8:00 pm. Start to wind down your day with quiet music, soften the lighting and other noise!

Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and dedicate it to exercise! You could use the 20/2 rule at work. Sit for 20 and get up and move for 2.

Learn to understand your macro nutrient intake. In order to balance your target protein, fat, and carbohydrate totals by the end of the day you must understand your needs.

When the urge to binge eat arises again, look to your macro nutrient totals to ensure whether or not you need to intake the calories. Have a bio impedance body composition scan done to establish your basal metabolic rate and understand your body composition.

These simple steps make the impossible possible.

If you’re new and looking for a place to start, start here. These simple action steps will help you clean up your nutrition and get you moving! Of course good quality rest gets you motivated to want to exercise! Good sleep helps motivation and desire to eat right as well.

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Always approach the solutions with self compassion.

Solving your personal health goals requires starting fresh, and that means forgiving yourself for past mistakes. In contrast, self-hate leads to a mindset that focuses on symptoms. The next time you focus on a symptom or a problem, pause and be mindful of the steps you have in place to create the solution.