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Sometimes in life, it can seem as if the mind takes a negative turn. If the sun is shining you may think that it is raining. If the stars are bright you may think the sky is without light.

Make every effort to avoid becoming a victim of stinking thinking! The only life you have to live is the one you’ve got. If your mind is in a continual negative place you may miss living up to your full potential.

Here are four strong tips to turn those derogatory mental moments around!

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1. Be grateful.

Even for the smallest of things. It is impossible to be negative and grateful in the same breath! Try it! The minute you catch your mind in a negative thought focus on how grateful you are! Be grateful for what you have. When you are grateful you will be able to watch negativity drown in its own sorrow, no longer can it control your mind!

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2. Catch yourself in a complaint.

Stop complaining. Complaining can be a bad habit. When you catch yourself in a complaint – congratulate yourself for being aware! Awareness is the first step is stopping bad habits. The next thing is to replace the complaint with a positive affirmation! Let positivity resonate in your mind.

3. Make a new groove for positive feelings.

We can create a brand new groove for pleasant feelings. The more often we allow our minds to remember the good stuff, the easier that kind of thinking becomes. Memorize a song that has lyrics of happiness. When you catch yourself in a funk start singing the song.

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4. Practice wise effort in letting things go.

Wise effort is letting go of that which is not helpful and cultivating that which is skillful. Often times we are hanging onto things that have long since gone by.

For example there are situations that occurred in childhood and we are still obsessing and hanging onto those things. Let it go! Stop blaming and obsessing about the past. Often times this in and of itself can free one up of a lot of extra heavy weight. It can feel as if you lost 50 pounds when you let go of negative baggage from the past.

The past is gone and won’t return. Your positive attitude will shape your future!

There you go: four tricks to eliminate negativity!