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Most understand the importance of physical exercise. However, there is another type of exercise that may provide even greater benefits.

This is an exercise that occurs in the mind.

Our patient base is full of individuals who want, and need, not just a physical reset but an emotional and intellectual reset. To that end, here are our preferred mind resetting exercises:

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Reframe your identity.

Stay away from identifying yourself as fat, diabetic, arthritic, sick, etc. By identifying yourself in that manner, as the old saying goes, you will become what you say.

For example, rather than calling yourself “fat”, reframing your identity by saying you are exhibiting and living a life that is conducive to healthy body composition. Additionally, rather than identifying yourself as diabetic, reframe by affirming you are eating in such a way to induce normal insulin and blood sugar.

Profess success.

Never, and I mean never, allow yourself to speak failure over your life. Speak success in all you do. When speaking, affirm yourself and expect to be not just a goal setter, but a goal achiever.

Fail-proof your goals.

Set goals, especially early on, that are super easy to reach. Make them so easy in fact that failure is extremely difficult. When successes are strung together, goals can be expanded and broadened.

Success then becomes the norm, rather than the rarity.

Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Saying “thank you” puts the attention on others. This is very important in that it keeps one out of the self-pity mode.

We have found these mind resetting exercises to be very beneficial in our practice. When the mind become strong, the body will follow.