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There has been much debate on whether or not to eat breakfast, and finally exactly what to eat during breakfast. First, let’s define exactly the word breakfast. It is actually broken down into two words that are jammed together, break and fast. Simply put, breakfast is simply when you break your fast. Though this article does not focus on intermittent fasting, you can see my point here.

With that said, Dr. Michele and I are asked many times what we eat for our breakfast. It is important to begin the first meal of the day, which by the way is the most important, with a high-quality protein. Therefore, we eat, when possible, farm raised eggs (including yolks).

We aim for 30+ grams of protein for breakfast.

We believe that at least 30 grams of protein (each egg contains approximately 6 grams) is important to obtain through these ideal sources so that blood sugar elevation will not rule the beginning of our day. Obtaining this amount of high-quality protein along with heart healthy fats from the yolks at the beginning of the day insures a good nutritious start to the day.

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We like to eat eggs, especially in the omelette form, because of the ease in adding quality vegetables. Typically, our egg omelettes include spinach, mushrooms, kale, and tomatoes. Often, we include green peppers or even jalapeño peppers.

As you can see, we prefer to stay in the low glycemic range with carbohydrates. We top off this delicious beginning of the day meal with berries, apples, or oranges.

What if I can’t eat eggs?

Often we are asked what to do if there is an egg allergy. In lieu of the egg omelette, we recommend a high-quality pea or beef protein shake. One can mix this in unsweetened nut or coconut milk. To get green vegetables included, along with fruits, organic green and red powders can be used, or one can simply have the fruits mentioned above on the side.

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So there you have it, our ideal food to start your engine for the day. Start employing this immediately to maximize energy and health.

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