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Optimal Health Plans

A path to more energy, better focus, improved sleep, excess weight loss and increased strength.

More energy Better Focus Improved Sleep Excess Weight Loss
Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Get your health, energy, and confidence back.

Figuring out the right diet can feel impossible. You waste hours on the internet learning about keto this, vegan that, paleo… you get it.

Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood have cracked the code for the most optimal health plan. The best news? It works for the rest of your life.

Stop wasting your time, money, and energy trying to find the right diet. Start your health transformation plan today.

It is life-changing. When my health improved, everything else improved: my marriage, being a father to my kids, my career. Health is the foundation for all other improvements in life.

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I thought you were born with health issues and couldn’t get rid of them. I didn’t realize that I had done it to myself. Now I have a solid health foundation and everything else in life just kind of landed in place.

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Choose Your Path to Optimal Health

Health Reset

2-Week Detox Program


Only $11.93 /day


28 Detox Shakes to provide the ideal nutritional foundation for detoxification


28 Supplement Packs to supply key nutrients for detoxification


Program Guide including a supplement schedule and suggested food options


BONUS Access to our Whole Body Detox Video Course containing daily videos to support your detox journey

Starter Plan

120-Day Health Transformation


Total Investment: $876

Starter Plan

120-Day Health Transformation

Price Options
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Everything in the Health Reset Plan PLUS:


Our Proven Food Plan to decrease inflammation


Monthly Coaching Calls with our amazing team


Homeopathic Drops to accelerate your health goals


120-Day Supply of Essential Supplements Omega 3 and Vitamin K+D


BONUS Access to Science of Optimal Health audio course to help you live in optimal health ($65 value)

Custom Plan

Health Program Unique to You


Price Varies


Custom Food Plan & Goals you can use for the rest of your life


Direct Acces to Practitioners throughout the entire process


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement as needed for optimal health


Labs & DNA Testing to measure progress and fine-tune (e.g. DNA testing for nutrition and fitness; blood, urine, and/or saliva hormone testing; micronutrient testing; allergy testing; neurotransmitter testing; visceral fat testing; etc)

Within that first month, the dizziness went away. My high blood pressure also went away. Now I can see myself playing with my grandchildren for years to come. I have an amazing level of energy and health now.

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Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Meet Our Doctors

Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood are the founders of a successful medical practice that helps patients from around the world find the health they were created to enjoy. As bestselling authors, podcasters, movie producers, and media personalities, they founded Hope Dealers International to reach beyond their clinic and empower people to take control of their health.

The Sherwoods deliver clear, proven, scientifically-informed ways for you and your family to be healthier and feel better! As Christians, their biblical insights provide a faith foundation for people to engage their heart and mind in the healing process. They deliver simple, actionable nuggets of wisdom to help you make measurable progress—and see results!