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It’s extremely common in our world today to see a chronic, hypertensive high blood pressure conditions. Blood pressure medications are prescribed rampantly across our country, to control that high blood pressure, which could kill you.

Let’s face it. We need to get it lowered. But did you know there is a natural way to do that, and cause your vessels to relax better? That product is called NEO40.

NEO40 is one of the products that aids improving nitrous oxide production. Nitrous oxide is the first line of defense in creating vasodilation, which allows the blood vessels to relax and expand and dilate.

So if you start to lose nitrous oxide production, your body starts to become hypertensive, because now constriction outweighs vasodilation.

So by utilizing NEO40, it may prevent, and may offset, high blood pressure and the need for high blood pressure medication. It also may help decrease the amount of blood pressure medication that you’re on.

Individuals who are born with enzymes that are weak in their ability to produce nitrous oxide, need to support their bodies with good supplementation of nitrous oxide, so NEO40 can be a supplement for individuals who have a weak constitution in these enzymes.

NEO40 can also improve endothelial health. The endothelial lining of all of your blood vessels is just one cell thick.

If those cells get damaged, (usually due to nitrous oxide production running low) then it allows for small particles to get underneath the endothelial lining and into the vascular wall. Then you start to make plaque.

So offset all of those things by the addition of NEO40, which helps you produce nitrous oxide, and can prevent vascular cardiac or cardiac disease.

Very important to understand the formula that’s proprietary for NEO40. There’s a lot of knockoff or fake products out there that say they’re going to stimulate nitrous oxide production but they simply don’t work.

This one has the human clinical trials behind it. It’s absolutely amazing, and it’s one of our favorites. It can lower blood pressure, and help you get off of medications.

It’s a great go-to for athletics to improve performance, get a better pump, and better blood flow.

It also may help in sexual dysfunction. That’s all vascular and vascular flow. So improving your body’s foundation of nitrous oxide, and having nitrous oxide around, can be beneficial in many areas.

Order NEO40