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Dr. Michele and I have a great desire to lead people in the right direction. Whether it be in life, love, money, health, or the relationship with Jesus. We certainly want to be good examples.

As I write this blog, I stare out across the sea. We are not talking much, just listening. What power I hear when just listening!

Listening to Hear a Greater Power

The great authority and power can be clearly heard by keeping my eyes and ears open, with my mouth being shut. As the waves roar, I’m struck by their ability to carry sound. Whether I am listing or not, they continue to roar with each pound on the beach. Nothing will stop them.

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As I walk into the water, I still sense the power. If I relax, the waves overpower me and cause me to fall. If I were to try to swim against the great waves, they would clearly win. Neither man nor boat can overpower. The sea and the ocean always win.

It is like when we try to do things our own way. We realize there’s always something more powerful. That something, in this case, can be symbolized by the sea.

No matter where you look, or direction you travel, the sea is always the result. It seems to be routinely viewed as the infinite. With the sea and sky divided by a sharp line on the horizon, I am gripped by enormity. Only God can make it larger or smaller, more powerful or less, or more calm.

The ocean has quite the internal power. It cannot be tamed. It cannot be silenced. It only speaks what it wishes. It can only be affected, if at all, in a small way, by the wind or the rain. These two, as well, are the extension of God’s hand.

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Are We Ever Fully in Control?

When it gets down to it, I realize we are never fully in control. We must learn to listen.

There is a power that resides greater than ourselves. I can look at the ocean and clearly see that. No matter where I look, there it is, broader and farther than I can see or comprehend.

What vastness it brings to the imagination. Only God could have separated and revealed this.

We spend far too much time talking and not enough time listening. Our mouth, and our words, override the ability of our ears. I believe, after thinking about it, this is the reason God gave us two ears and one mouth. Perhaps we should listen twice as much as we talk.

Listening and the Key to Leadership

I also believe, after thinking about it more, listening is the key to leadership. Listen my friend, very clearly, with a mouth completely closed, and you might hear and see real power. Real power, created and generated by our heavenly father, yields the ability to receive great leadership principles.

It all begins with simply listening. Here’s to the power of your two ears!