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What is Grace? Most would define it as, “unmerited favor”.

When I think of God’s grace, I am moved to the deepest emotions. Do we get what we deserve? I think not.

So let’s talk a minute about what we do deserve.

When I asked myself that question, I must say that I am not pleased with the answer. Simply because, I deserve nothing.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

You see; we are here on this earth simply by means of grace. We live at our life as examples of grace. The purpose of our lives is to demonstrate grace.

Dr. Michele and I have been blessed beyond measure. It is not because we are good or better than anybody else. It is simply a matter of grace.

I sometimes wish the favor in which we have was granted because of our hard work, commitment, dedication. However, it is simply not a consequence of those character traits. Though the consequence of those character traits does provide benefits, it does not provide merit grace.

To try to take credit for anything would be an exercise in pride. We all know where pride leads. Pride comes before a fall and disaster.

If we could just grasp the magnitude of true grace…

Trying to grasp grace with our own intellectual design is impossible. By trying to measure grace in man’s finite understanding, we find ourselves in a futile no-win situation.

Grace can only be understood (if that were even possible) with an understanding of who God really is. He is not an evil king sitting high above waiting to blind with lightning and scare with thunder upon every mistake we make. He is a God full of grace and mercy.

Those two attributes of his character are infinite. He longs to have a relationship with all of us. It is his utmost desire to be in perfect fellowship with us. Therefore, we need his grace because of our imperfection and sin.

You see; our sin separates us from that perfect relationship and the ability to be totally covered in his grace. His grace is totally unmerited. God does not have to give it to us. He WANTS to give it to us.

I think of his grace as I now fly 30,000 feet above the earth surface. As I look down I see a blanket of pure white clouds below. I am unable to see the earth. All I can see is blue sky above the white, fluffy blanket.

This gives me a true visual picture of grace. Even though the world, and everything and everyone in it, is evil by very nature, his grace covers all. He could destroy the world with a whisper. Probably…some would opt for that to escape current tragedy and fear. However, just like the clouds, his grace covers it all.

I do not see through the clouds. They cover the earth, and all evil, as far as the eye can see. Actually, it goes far beyond what I can see or even imagine. What a picture of his grace. It truly is immeasurable.

God’s grace is overwhelming.

Grace allows us to walk in complete and total fellowship with our Heavenly Father. Nothing can hinder that grace except us not receiving it.

His grace does not give us a license to behave and do whatever we want. Actually, His grace, given in merciful abundance, drives us to our knees to give him more praise each day.

Friends, the only way to experience and truly grasp (at least a bit) the meaning of grace, is to humbly submit ourselves before a holy God who loves us much more than we can imagine. That’s why he sent his son Jesus to this earth to pay the price for our sin once and for all.

Grace covers it all.

Sin does not hold us by ball and chain anymore. Jesus defeated sin, it’s effects, and the grave by walking out of that tomb. He is alive. Therefore, we are alive through him.

God makes it possible for all of us to experience the grace these clouds demonstrate. His grace can cover all. Now that is truly immeasurable.