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When people call us, we are so excited that they want to become new patients! They’re calling for things like,

  • “I want to optimize my hormones”
  • “I want to optimize my body composition”
  • “I want to lose some weight”
  • “I want to feel better”

And we love that! Every day there is between four and ten people that call from all around the country and want us to help them become their best self. We want to help you eliminate all of your negative symptoms, or anything you don’t like. We want to help you optimize your body composition, balance your hormones, etc.

We do all of this a very unique way. We want to get you into an environment where we can talk to you about all those things.

So we invite you and your spouse (or significant other) to a dinner talk, where we have hand-selected a gourmet meal that tastes great and is healthy for you. And we want you to bring them with you because family is a big part of wellness. And don’t you want your whole family to be well? And don’t you want to be a legacy of wellness in your life for your children and your grandkids as well?

I know the answer is yes. When you get healthy, you get everybody healthy around you. Your environment changes.

So at the dinner talk, we feed you, and we’re able to talk about how we get you to your best health. We talk about a variety of topics that are going to interest you (the ones that people often call us about). It’s going to be an awesome time! You’re going to get a chance to see if we can deliver your best health, and if we’re the right fit for you. And you also get a chance to get to know some other nice folks that are on the same journey as you.

If you get a peace in your heart at that dinner talk and realize that we are for you, that’s awesome. If not, then we’re thankful for the opportunity to give you a free meal and free knowledge. Instead of you just calling, making an appointment, coming to our clinic, and finding out that we’re not for you.

The dinner talk gives you a chance to get to know us, we get to know you. We find out if we’re going to work together. Because in our clinic it’s not about us telling you what to do. We want to explain to you why we do that, and why we want you to do this. This is what gets you to your best health.

So if you’re looking for someone to partner with you in your health journey, a dinner talk may be the best place for you to find just that. We want to be those partners for you. We spend time making sure that we can meet your needs.

Our goal is for you to be the best you and that’s what we’re about. We’ll see you at the dinner talk.

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