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A friend suggested that I should visit Dr. Mark…but didn’t really know why. Honestly, I was at the heaviest point in my life (around 260 pounds). I had tried several weight loss programs, but nothing seemed to last. I have always said, “God made me to love food, so I am going to eat.” Therefor, I had the mindset that things would never change.

In four months, I lost 50 pounds and decreased my body fat percentage by 12%. I have tried weight loss programs many times, but this has been one of the easiest programs once I got my mind wrapped around the fact that I could achieve success with this program.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Now, wellness is something Mandy and I pursue as a couple along with our three kids. It has been a great program all the way around. Best of all, I have broken many food addictions and now experience freedom that I have never experienced before.


Initially, I came to the clinic for Chris and I felt like I was okay. I had gained 15 or 20 pounds but I just accepted it as normal and something that would never change. After stepping on the InBody to get my body composition, I realized that I was not on a good path. So, Chris and I decided to go on the journey together.

In four months, I lost 20 pounds of fat, decreasing my body fat by 9%. Now, I feel freedom. I am no longer a slave to the old ways of eating. At first, Chris and I thought the program wouldn’t be fun, but in the long run, we have so much more freedom.

This is now a lifetime journey. We are setting a great example for our kids so they can make the right choices as well. Now that we feel better, a tremendous load has been lifted and we can serve people in our ministry more than ever before.

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